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Creamy Cheddars and
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Wensleydale’s with fruits or
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everyone our Castle caters
for all tastes be they
traditional and refined
or wild and wonderful.

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Wensleydale with Lemon

Does the thought of eating Lemon make your lips tighten and your cheeks cringe, well not anymore. If you love cheese with a zing then Wensleydale with Lemon is just for you. This little yellow fruit adds a real zing to the delicate crumbliness of Wensleydale. We need to thank the castle cook for making this discovery, even if it was by mistake: when attempting to grate the rind in a yummy cake for afternoon tea, she decided to try a chunky piece of rind and found it tasted delicious, and with a little tweaking here and there, Wensleydale with Lemon was born.

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