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Creamy Cheddars and
dollopy Devon Cream, rich
Wensleydale’s with fruits or
savoury blends, gorgeous
Goat's Butter and traditional
Stilton’s, the list goes on and
on – with something for
everyone our Castle caters
for all tastes be they
traditional and refined
or wild and wonderful.

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Ode to Saxonshires Cheese. (For those not sure of Ye olde talk the definition of Ode is a lyrical poem).
'There is a cheese named Saxonshires
Its stripy appearance cause wonderment and awe.
Layers of cheese from five different counties
Yes we said five (and definitely not four)
Its creamy and smooth and mild to taste
Named after Saxons who once roamed the land and ate this cheese without worry or haste.
We are sure you will enjoy this treat, whether young or old
So remember our Ode.... and let it be retold!'
Regards to Harriet the Historian for this sweet Ode to Saxonshires.

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