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Creamy Cheddars and
dollopy Devon Cream, rich
Wensleydale’s with fruits or
savoury blends, gorgeous
Goat's Butter and traditional
Stilton’s, the list goes on and
on – with something for
everyone our Castle caters
for all tastes be they
traditional and refined
or wild and wonderful.

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Double Gloucester with Blue Stilton

We thought they may argue, may fall out, may not even talk to each other, but these two old and worldly wise cheeses became very good friends. Layered like the Cook would layer a Double cream and strawberry sponge cake (you have to try it!) the cheese looks like you just need to add some candles to turn it into a beautiful but cheesy birthday cake! We can only describe each bite as cheese heaven: first you get a smooth, nutty taste of Double Gloucester closely followed by a tangy, creamy taste of Blue Stilton. By this point your tastebuds are arguing over what they prefer most. A collective favourite throughout the castle, Edward the Explorer was even caught dipping his hand into the pantry for a midnight snack.......Does cheese give you bad dreams!? We are not convinced!

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