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Creamy Cheddars and
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Wensleydale’s with fruits or
savoury blends, gorgeous
Goat's Butter and traditional
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everyone our Castle caters
for all tastes be they
traditional and refined
or wild and wonderful.

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Dorset Drum Cheddar

Cheddar is the most common name for cheese today. Our little island of dairy were the first to introduce the word cheddar to describe a hard cheese handmade on farms for many cheese moons. Cheddar in Britain has to be made in a certain way to a particular recipe and the name is a protected name (identified by a logo on packaging) although it can still be made anywhere on our island, you can only use the logo if the cheddar was made in a certain location in the Southwest of Britain. Farmhouse cheddar has a distinctive slightly sharp taste, whilst cheddar produced in large creameries carries a saltier and creamy taste. Dorset Drum is a mixture of the two, mild, creamy and perfectly scrumptious. Presented in a little box and wrapped in black wax, simply cut the top off the drum and spoon out the cheddar, its a very sociable cheese!

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