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on – with something for
everyone our Castle caters
for all tastes be they
traditional and refined
or wild and wonderful.

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Creamy Cinnamon

We know, we know. You either love or you hate cinnamon, its a personal thing and we take this very seriously. It was a tough decision to add this to the castle stock, The Big Cheese is not a fan but the rest of us are, so over a super savoury supper he was promptly outvoted. We have used Lancashire cheese to mix with raisins and apple pieces and then finally dusted with cinnamon, this gives the cheese an unusual, almost chocolate-like appearance. Lancashire is named after a county in England and was produced my farmers wives using surplus milk for many moons. Its crumbly with a slightly sour taste and goes together with raisins, apple and cinnamon like honey and bees. Even the cinnamon haters will be tempted…..told you so.

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